Ulster Orchestra and Music at Queen’s Launch Partnership

We are delighted to announce the formation of a new creative partnership between the Ulster Orchestra and Music in Queen’s University, Belfast. This residency is inaugurated to coincide with the Ulster Orchestra 50th Anniversary Season in 2016-17, and it heralds a range of creative support and collaboration between two bodies that enjoy historic connections in teaching, composition and concert work. This partnership puts that creative friendship on an official footing and makes Queen’s one of very few Russell Group institutions able to boast a full creative partnership with a symphony orchestra – an extraordinary opportunity for student musicians.

The primary impact of this exciting innovation will be upon the student body, in particular young musicians. Individual UO performers will now be regular visitors to performance classes at Queen’s, mentoring students and providing critical input into their artistic development. There will also be exciting opportunities for student composers in Queen’s and for music classes to be enhanced by live performance in the future.

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